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Esin will travel to teach seminars from to 3 to 10 days, depending upon distance and subject.

She will teach a group of maximum 10 students.

She requests room and board, and if housed in a private home, a private bedroom and bathroom.

The cost of the seminar must either be paid in advance, or airline tickets provided depending on location.

Cancellations must be made two months prior to the scheduled seminar.

A good quality kiln and a studio or room with good lighting must be provided.

Line drawings will be provided by Esin and she will send a list of necessary supplies in advance.

Classes run for six hours per day with two 10min. coffee breaks and one-hour lunch break.

Seminars in Ankara:

Esin will also teach seminars in her own home-studio to groups of 6-8 students. She will provide free drawings and colours, but china and other necessary supplies (to be specified by email) at a cost.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey. There is a variety of reasonable accommodation at hotels and restaurants nearby,and take-out food is available. Transportation is safe, inexpensive and easy by taxi and distances are minimal. Please inquire for available dates, costs and further information : info@turkishporcelainartist.com or info@esinalptuna.com

Seminar Subjects::

1 Introduction to Porcelain Painting: Learning to mix paints, brush strokes, and decorating a plate with blue Nyon flowers.
2 One fire technique - Painting a European style flower bouquet
3 One fire technique - Painting roses

Drawing and painting in the Herend style:(includes pen work)

   a - Stylized flowers and butterflies

   b - Birds

5 Raised paste (relief) techniques and decorating with gold
6 Painting backgrounds, scrolling and border designs
7 Painting fruit (to be specified; strawberries, raspberries, grapes, etc...)
8 Painting mushrooms
9 Painting feathers
10 Painting Turkish designs
11 Painting with non-drying oils


Painting a Rose With Esin Alptuna Part 1
Painting a Rose With Esin Alptuna Part 2

Painting a Rose With Esin Alptuna Part 4

Painting Stylized Flowers On Porcelain With Esin Alptuna

Images from previous classes:

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  • Ankara 1992
  • Helsinki 1996
  • Helsinki 1996
  • Ankara 2002

  • Ankara 2002
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  • 2012-13 Students

  • 2012-13 Students

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  • 5 February 2013